PRN Behavioral Health Tech Shift Supervisor (as needed) - Adult Inpatient Unit

General Summary of Duties: The Inpatient Shift Supervisor provides supervision and support for Behavioral Health Techs (BHTs). Collaborates with the Treatment Team to oversee a range of administrative and clinical activities in support of running a safe and therapeutic milieu. In addition, ensures BHTs maintain appropriate training and licensure according to KMHS policy and associated WACs.

The Behavioral Health Technician Shift Supervisor works collaboratively with staff to carry out client treatment plans and objectives from admission to discharge. Provides ongoing assistance to clients in inpatient services while maintaining a safe and therapeutic work environment, acts appropriately in assisting clients in meeting their daily basic needs for health and safety. Assists in meeting client treatment objectives as directed by the treatment team. Provides appropriate documentation as required by KMHS policies and procedures. Supports tech-level staff coverage across multiple units including Adult Inpatient Unit (AIU), Youth Inpatient Unit (YIU), and Residential Services (RS).

The Behavioral Health Technician Shift Supervisor assists in the operations of KMHS in support of its stated mission and provides the highest level of customer service to internal and external customers.

Supervisory Responsibilities : Behavioral Health Technicians

Major Responsibilities/Tasks :
  • To supervise BHTs in their work, including but not limited to training, coaching, evaluating, and disciplining with regard to:
  1. Completion of assigned tasks and associated paperwork
  2. The use of clinical skills during client interactions and documentation
  3. Professional communication
  4. The use of Credible and email
  5. Additional tasks as assigned to the Behavioral health tech
  6. Meeting all expectations otherwise not specified.
  • Provide regular individual supervision with BHTs.
  • Document and keep confidential records of supervisions and other significant interactions (i.e., issuing disciplinary actions, presenting performance appraisals).
  • Provide ongoing individual training and coaching as needed with regard to specific staff performance, areas of improvement, and training goals. Take the lead in ensuring newly hired BHTs are oriented to the team.
  • Complete assigned BHT performance appraisals within agency standards and timelines.
  • Promote the enhancement of positive staff morale by facilitating a timely response to concerns, ensuring respectful and professional internal communications, facilitating team building, and providing opportunities for staff recognition.
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of milieu acuity and client risk, collaborating in a timely manner with staff as needed to ensure effective de-escalation and use of least restrictive alternatives up to seclusion and restraint.
  • Collaborate with the treatment team to organize physical interventions with clients as needed, including assembling staff, directing actions, and ensuring the safety of staff and clients. Participate in physical interventions as needed. Facilitate post-incident debriefings.
  • Oversee client admissions from initial intake to client arrival, collaborating with staff and outside agencies as needed to ensure admission criteria are met, all required documentation is completed, all appropriate policies and procedures are followed, and all precautions are taken for the health and safety of clients and staff.
  • Ensure adequate staffing per shift according to the appropriate protocol, including additional staff based on client individual needs. Follow the established protocol for determining additional staffing.
  • Ensure therapeutic programming is conducted by applicable team members. Work with Inpatient Manager and Director on any needed changes in the daily schedule.
  • Conduct regular chart audits for the current census to ensure compliance with all relevant WACs.
  • Maintain familiarity with unit operations for Youth Inpatient Unit, Adult Inpatient Unit, and Residential Services in order to provide leadership and support on an as-needed basis.
  • Keep current on all required documentation (i.e., food handler's permit, counselor licenses, etc.) and attend all mandatory agency training.
  • Attend regular Shift Supervisor meetings as indicated by the Inpatient Manager.
  • Facilitate Pass Down with Nurse at every shift change. Provide relevant client and milieu information (i.e., clinical, safety, administrative) to the oncoming shift.
  • Review treatment team notes, communicate, and follow up on special assignments and treatment plan information as indicated by the treatment team. Update all relevant communications.
  • Update all relevant communication venues, including but not limited to boards and census, to ensure continuity of care and available resources.
  • Ensure timely and accurate completion and distribution of various agency documents such as staff time sheets, incident, and staff accident reports, emergency response evaluations, and other agency documents.
  • Assist Inpatient Manager and Director or KMHS Administration with any other responsibilities appropriate to the position and not specifically listed in the job description

KMHS is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate against people regardless of age, genetic information, national origin, race/color, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, disability, or veteran status. KMHS envisions an anti-racist, equitable, inclusive, and collaborative community in which all can feel welcome.


Minimum Qualifications :

EDUCATION: High School Diploma or GED

EXPERIENCE: Experienced (minimum 2 years of job-related experience)

LICENSURE: Agency Affiliated Counselor Registration

Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Preferred Qualifications:

EDUCATION: Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, social services, or behavioral health field.

EXPERIENCE: Specialist (minimum 5 years of job-related experience)

Inpatient work experience, supervisory experience, and teaching ability.

Relevant experience working with clients with severe and persistent mental illness.