Mental Health Professional - Residential Services

General Summary of Duties : The Residential Services Mental Health Processional provides therapeutic psychosocial care for those admitted to Residential Services (RS) by providing leadership in all aspects of the admission and treatment process: whole health psycho-education and clinical care, liaison with WSH, AIU, and outpatient teams, and responsibility for an array of agency and unit-based work practices to ensure unit safety and effective practices.

The Mental Health Professional works collaboratively with staff in carrying out client treatment plans and objectives from time of admission to discharge.

The Mental Health Professional improves the operations of KMHS in support of its stated mission, and provides the highest level of customer service to internal and external customers.

Supervisory Responsibilities : None

Major Responsibilities/Tasks :
  • Receive and organize admission of referrals for residency to RS in consultation with the RS Supervisor and Recovery Case Manager. Complete history review and appropriate intake interviews necessary to present the resident for admission to the RS clinical and administrative team.
  • Take a collaborative leadership role in leading the weekly RS clinical team meeting. Discuss and organize optimal approaches for staff to maximize the value of the resident's residential stay.
  • and support agency management of resources by cooperatively and creatively problem-solving how best to use the residential resources of RS.
  • Coordinate with the AOP treatment team to implement treatment or recovery plans while the resident resides in Residential Services. Amend the KMHS Integrated Treatment Plan to reflect the resident's goals for their stay at RS in a timely manner. Create an individualized Safety Plan with each resident as needed.
  • Document in resident's record observations, interventions, and assessments of resident's progress at RS to reflect the relationship to the AOP care plan amendments. Update RS amends as a resident's condition or needs dictate in order to keep program staff and auditing entities informed of resident progress.
  • Contact and develop cooperative relationships with all collateral contacts that assist in the development of the individualized residential plan, including while acting as the resident's psychosocial advocate to all parties involved directly or indirectly in the resident's stay at RS. Be available to all involved as a resource for clinical care and mental health resources.
  • Monitor and advise RS Manager and clinical team for when a resident is nearing the maximum benefit of RS and returning to the community would be in the best interest of the client. Assist Recovery Case Manager with developing a timely and supportive discharge of resident back into the community.
  • Coordinate referrals for assessment to co-occurring disorder treatment programs when appropriate to the resident's recovery readiness.
  • Conduct regular group meetings each week for all residents who are appropriate. Act as coordinator of all other resident groups, working in conjunction with the Peer Support Specialist, nurse, and RS Manager.
  • Assist in crisis de-escalation and stabilization of residents as appropriate, documenting such contacts daily.
  • Routinely assess resident and staff safety, including potential for harm to self, others, or to unit property. Take timely and effective corrective action in accordance with established agency policies and practices.
  • Maintain and submit records and documentation to meet the regulatory, agency and funding source requirements including timely and accurate authorization of admissions, as well as ensuring timely and accurate clinical documentation is provided to Utilization Review to ensure payment for residential stays.
  • Regularly observe the effect of current policies and inform the RS Manager of deficiencies in the program, suggest special projects that may benefit the unit and agency.
  • Participate in QI activities, committees, and special task forces as requested.
  • Disclose limited resident information as necessary to all individuals involved in the resident's stay at RS according to agency policy and training. Disclosures will adhere to HIPAA privacy and security standards and be documented according to agency policy and procedures. Complete all required training and annual refreshers.
  • In addition to the above, any other responsibilities appropriate to the position and not specifically listed in the job description.


Minimum Qualifications :

EDUCATION: Master's Degree in Psychology, social services, or behavioral health field or must meet waiver criteria of RCW 71.24.260.

EXPERIENCE: Experienced (minimum 2 years of job-related experience)

Two years of postgraduate, documented, supervised clinical experience in providing services to individuals and families

LICENSURE: Agency Affiliated Counselor Registration. Must meet and maintain the definition of a Mental Health Professional as defined in WAC 388-877-0500. Must maintain a Washington State Department of Health license in good standing.

Preferred Qualifications:

EXPERIENCE: Experience with the theory and practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and co-occurring substance use disorders