Clinical Engagement Specialist

General Summary of Duties: The Engagement Specialist functions as a member of a multidisciplinary department while demonstrating the clinical skill and experience to engage clients and assist these clients with navigating entry and re-entry into services at KMHS. This person would also provide education, referral information, consultation to families, and crisis intervention services to clients who are in the engagement of services.

Supervisory Responsibilities: None

Major Responsibilities/Tasks:
  • Provide supportive pre-engagement and engagement activities, through phone calls or in-person, including problem-solving, client education, referral to resources, reminders, and outreach.
  • Organize and facilitate the Connections Orientation (new client orientation) and be the point person for assignment and follow-up for those who miss the orientation. Assist clients in reducing any barriers to attending orientation or their first appointments.
  • If a client does not come to their first session with an assigned provider, the Engagement Specialist will be assigned to this client to do telephonic or physical outreach to attempt to re-engage the client into services.
  • If the agency is not conducting the Connections Orientation, the Engagement specialist will be the point person for assignment for any client that does not show up for their initial treatment planning session and will attempt engagement activities to address any barriers to treatment.
  • Conduct telephonic or in-person outreach to unengaged clients to assist in addressing any barriers that may exist to engagement.
  • Provide initial engagement outreach, including motivational counseling, problem-solving, patient advocacy, education, referral to resources, reminder calls, and outreach, to encourage and facilitate patients to connect with behavioral health treatment services. Arrange for interpreters or signers as needed.
  • Act as a community liaison between KMHS and other community services to engage clients in services.
  • Assist with setting up paratransit or educating on the Kitsap transit system in order to assist clients with removing transportation barriers for engagement.
  • Assist care team with monitoring/engaging clients transitioning out of CTC/AIU/PHRC who are at risk of disengagement to ensure client's re-engagement with outpatient services goes smoothly.
  • Assists in monitoring clients on alternative scheduling and attempting to assist them in re-engaging in services. Clients on alternative scheduling will be assigned to the Engagement Specialist.
  • For those clients, the Engagement Specialist is holding on caseload for engagement activities and provides care coordination services for clients with intention of transitioning them to a longer-term assigned provider.
  • If needed as a part of engagement strategies, assist the client in developing, writing, implementing, evaluating, and revising overall treatment goals and plans in collaboration with the treatment team.
  • Educate and support clients' families and advocate for clients' rights and preferences. Consult with families and community agencies such as DSHS, court systems, housing authorities, etc., to maintain coordination in the treatment process.
  • Provide crisis intervention counseling and coordinate with Designated Crisis Responders/crisis services when appropriate during engagement activities.
  • Document client progress to maintain a permanent record of client activity according to established policies and procedures.
  • Participate in treatment team meetings as appropriate to review client engagement and the need for re-engagement.
  • In addition to the above, any other responsibilities appropriate to the position and not specifically listed in the job description.


Minimum Qualifications:

EDUCATION: Bachelors Degree in Psychology, social services, or behavioral health field.

EXPERIENCE: Entry level (no prior related work experience)

Possess and maintain a valid driver's license with an acceptable motor vehicle report and reliable, insured transportation.

LICENSURE: Agency Affiliated Counselor Registration.

Preferred Qualifications:

EXPERIENCE: Experienced (minimum 2 years of job-related experience)

Experience in co-occurring disorders treatment, individual and group therapy, vocational services, or substance abuse treatment.

The capacity to work well with children and families.