Chief Executive Officer

To be considered for the CEO position, please apply via this link.

Please do not apply directly with Kitsap Mental Health Services. Please use the link above to apply with Valtas group.

Reporting to an engaged, 10-member board of directors representing the community, public safety, healthcare, human services, and the private sector, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provides strategic and visionary leadership to the organization to ensure its future relevance, credibility, and viability. The CEO leads the Executive Leadership Team, the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief HR & Compliance Officer, in the overall management of KMHS, who collectively empower staff to carry out the Agency's mission, goals, and objectives through practices of its core values. While not meant to be an exhaustive list the CEO oversees budgeting, finance, accounting, human resources, facilities, administration, operations, board relations, community relations, legislative affairs, and clinical/medical services.

Opportunities for Impact

Initial Priorities

• Become familiar with a full range of diverse services offered by KMHS as well as the complexity of current operations.

• Lay the groundwork for the organization to conduct a comprehensive strategic planning process. Identify the organizational structure and resources necessary to achieve the goals outlined in the new plan.

• Seek and evaluate opportunities to expand KMHS's supportive housing portfolio in the model of recently opened Pendleton Place.

• Affirm strategic partnerships and build on alliances to better support the people in need of services.

• Arrange and complete initial meetings with city and county elected officials, state and congressional representatives, community partners, law enforcement leaders, school district superintendents, regulatory entities, other educational leaders, and judges among others.

• Actively develop communications with elected state officials, review introduced legislation regarding behavioral health, and provide committee testimony as appropriate.

• Following thorough analysis and evaluation, lead the agency through the decision-making process regarding pursuit of Certified Community Behavioral Health Center status.

• Oversee the successful expansion of educational services including on-site clinical day treatment services, and embedded clinical services in school districts.

• Continue to support the agency's Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion strategic plan.

• Lead the process of assessing the reintroduction of adult day treatment services on campus as well as evaluating the value of partial-hospitalization services on campus.

• Maintain the agency's statewide presence through active participation in the Washington Council for Behavioral Health.

Long Term Priorities

• Continue pursuit of clinical excellence through a variety of evidence-based treatments and trainings, monitor outcomes, evaluate treatment interventions, and reduce emergency department utilization.

• Lead the transformation of agency operations to ensure effective and efficient service delivery systems including restructuring crisis intervention services, addressing facilities changes, and guiding the development of new service lines and agency programs.

• Reinforce Kitsap Mental Health Services as an employer of choice in the Pacific Northwest.

• Assess the expansion of agency services in the surrounding region to meet outstanding needs


Please do not apply directly with Kitsap Mental Health Services. Please use the link above to apply with Valtas group.

Candidates will be evaluated on the full range of their lived and learned experience, professional background, volunteer experience, and direct and transferable skills. KMHS is seeking candidates with a compelling combination of demonstrated experience and skills in some, or all, of the following areas:

• Experience serving as a CEO, Executive Director, or senior staff member of an organization, division, or department of comparable size, preferably in behavioral healthcare.

• Exposure to fundraising, social sector or nonprofit services, program operations, substance use disorder treatment, or mental health services - which may come from board, volunteer, or staff service - is required for success in this role.

• Successful experience developing and executing short and long-term strategic initiatives.

• Business acuity with complex contracts, negotiations, and business operations.

• High emotional and social intelligence.

• Highly developed interpersonal communication skills with the ability to engage diverse audiences.

Knowledge of:

• Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers is preferred.

• Community behavioral agencies operations.

• Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder clinical services and financial and operational workings.

• Contracting with national Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and other city, county, and state entities.

• Legal and regulatory framework guiding behavioral health and substance use disorder services.

• HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 as they pertain to confidentiality and information exchange.

Commitment to:

• Diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.

• Fostering inclusiveness of services and operations, and an internal culture of respect and dignity that honors individual differences and recognizes and celebrates the unique contributions people make to an organization when they bring their full selves to work.

• Servant leadership.

• Meeting community needs.

Ability to:

• Lead and manage systems-level change.

• Become grounded in and connected to the local community.

• Create, foster, and maintain relationships with diverse and varied community partners including corporate, public sector, and nonprofit organizations.

• Be a visible presence throughout the county as a key leader in the medical community.

• Effectively work with legislators and elected officials at all levels of government.

• Build and cultivate internal and external relationships with diverse populations to increase organizational cap